Paediatric First Aid

June 28, 2022 @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Rivers Teaching Alliance
St Clement's CofE Primary
£85.00 per delegate
Natalie Lea

28th June 2022 and 6th July 2022

Paediatric First Aid programme focuses on both the primary and secondary skills associated with the first aid care of a patient. Primary skills are delivered early in the programme as they have the most immediate effect when dealing with a life-threatening emergency; primary survey, CPR and choking for adults, children and infants.
Candidates will learn the skills in the sequence they will be used in a life-threatening emergency and also following the same priorities of care as all professional emergency responders. On completion of primary skill elements, the course focuses on secondary skills that provide the student with knowledge on many common child related illnesses and injuries.

This workshop includes:
scene assessment, primary survey, CPR for adult, infant and child, secondary survey, choking for infant, adult and child, seizures, asthma, croup, anaphylaxis, shock, wounds and bleeding, poisoning, burns, diabetes etc.

This training meets both HSE and OFSTED requirements and is aimed at meeting the needs of all qualified Level 2 or 3 early years candidates.
This training provides all learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to deal with a range of paediatric first situations which may arise when looking after children.