About Us

Prince Henry’s is a truly comprehensive High School located in Evesham, with predominantly a rural catchment area.  In 2014, we became a Teaching School and we are very proud of our long history of academic achievement for all, at both GCSE and A-Level. As a Teaching School, we have deep experience of providing high-quality initial teacher training through our SCITT, School Direct and PGCE programmes. 

Through our work in the areas of ITT, CPD and ECF, we have established excellent working relationships and credibility amongst a number of schools in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.  We enjoy excellent links with HEIs who are actively involved with us. The Headteacher of the school sits on the Worcestershire Association of Secondary Heads Executive Committee, the Worcestershire Global Leadership Academy (WGLA) Partnership Board and NPQH Steering Group.  He currently chairs the Worcestershire Teaching School Alliance, is Sub-Regional Co-ordinator for Worcestershire and regularly meets his counterpart for Herefordshire. Our strong connections with both Local Authorities have allowed us to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges and priorities within schools across Worcestershire and Herefordshire. These include geographical size, poor transport, rural poverty, lack of social mobility and static staffing. These will be overcome by ensuring the most geographically remote schools form a strong peer network, developing the strategic capacity of the cohort of schools, meaning they are not forgotten and feel part of a wider family.  

Teaching School & SCITT

As a Teaching School and SCITT, we have significant experience of organising large-scale professional development and writing programmes of study. Since being accredited as a provider of ITT in 2016, we have established a partnership with a family ethos and shared vision of ITT, with the aim of producing outstanding practitioners for the 21st century.  We have excellent relations with the University of Worcester in relation to School Direct, PGCE and Teacher Apprenticeships.

Since 2017, 42 trainees (100%) have graduated from our SCITT, having received their practise from schools within WM1, demonstrating that we have excellent connections and links within the Hub area identified. 40 of these are employed in education, with 19 employed within the Partnership. The 2020/21 cohort comprises 22 trainees.  The Partnership comprises 9 Secondary; 2 Middle deemed Secondary; 2 Primary; and 1 Special School. Ofsted 2019 commented on the strength of the Partnership, the quality assurance processes in place and the high quality research and evidence-based Professional Studies programme.  We are an Appropriate Body for NQTs, supporting schools across WM1.  We are currently involved in the expansion pilot for the Early Career Framework with the Education Development Trust.


We are accomplished in developing CPD, having been involved in writing a successful bid for the NPQ programme as part of the WGLA and have facilitated NPQH/SL/ML since 2015.  Our work through the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF), Worcestershire Teaching Schools and our strong connections other schools and HEIs has enabled us to identify and address development needs in local CPD provision for teachers and leaders across WM1. As a geographically large and predominantly rural area, the priorities for schools within the Hub area continue to be focused upon social mobility, transition, distance, teacher recruitment and retention, as well as school funding.

Prince Henry’s has a proven track record of leading and providing high quality CPD, including the training and deployment of SLEs across a significant number of schools in Worcestershire as part of the SSIF project.  This involved working with the Local Authority, Babcock Education, Worcestershire Teaching Schools and 32 client schools across all educational phases. This was recognised as a project of excellence by the DfE, which used it as a case study for the Teaching Schools Council. One of our Strategic Partners also ran a successful SSIF project in Herefordshire.

Our Partner Schools cover the tiered phases of WM1 – ie First, Middle, High and Sixth Form, coupled with Primary and Secondary Schools.  Our experienced SLEs have led a range of CPD activities across all phases.  We have a legal collaborative agreement with South Bromsgrove (who currently hold the NPQ licence) and The Chase, Malvern (who currently hold Computing Hub Status). Our school and one of our Strategic Partners are also represented on the Strategic Board of the GLOW Maths Hub.

We have the capacity, experience and support to provide strong leadership to WM1.  Prince Henry’s Headteacher is an NLE and the school will provide a Strategic Director, Operational Director and strong administration support to ensure all schools in WM1 can benefit from the three core priorities – ECF, CPD and ITT.